Roach Gigz Feat. Danny Brown & DB Tha General – “Drugs (Remix)”

10.14.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

There are a lot of classifications for the word “drug.” Substances we as humans use on the daily such as nicotine, caffeine and aspirin all fall under that label. But since Roach Gigz is a Bay Area, nonstop partygoer, rap-n-roller, it should probably come quite clear exactly what type of drugs he’s talking about. And if that doesn’t crystallize the picture well enough, he recruited Danny Brown on the remix. To talk about drugs. This definitely isn’t your grandmother’s cough medicine. Or maybe it is.

All this talk of inebriation comes courtesy of the Bitch, I’m A Player EP, which is available for purchase and on his official site and you can get the coinciding mixtape for free.99 while you’re at it.

Download — Roach Gigz Feat. Danny Brown & DB Tha General – “Drugs (Remix)”

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