NFL to Define “Strike Zones” Rules for Hits Amid Recent Injuries

10.15.13 4 years ago 22 Comments


In order to avoid controversy over player safety, Roger Goodell held a press conference immediately after Monday Night Football to enact NFL rule changes to be effective in Week 7 of the season.

Constantly under fire for player safety, the league has taken great measures in the past few seasons to prevent head injuries to avoid concussions. As a result of increased penalties, players are changing how they engage in tackling their opponents. Offensive players are being told to avoid lowering their head while running, and defensive players are being instructed to “hit low” and go after the legs.

This however has started a new trend of injuries to players’ knees, most notably that of Randall Cobb of the Green Bay Packers. As part of the new rules, Goodell introduced new “Strike Zones” regulations to identify where players are allowed to be tackled.

NFL Tackling Rules Diagram

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