Notable Quotable: Don Trip On “Trap’d In The Trap”

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Say he graduated, got his diploma
Got three kids, two baby mommas
Got a part-time job at McDonald’s
There ought to be reality shows for his drama
He owe child support, so he got warrants
Got locked up, released the next mornin’
Post bail, lost his job the same mornin’
Savin’ for a rainy day, it’s bout to start pourin’
Now, he on the job hunt for a new employer
Gotta’ feed his son and his two daughters
No, he don’t sell dope, ’cause he got morals
And his kids’ future is what he’s lookin’ forward to
And he got a girlfriend he want to give more to
And she got a grocery list of shit he can’t afford to do
He got job interviews n court, too
Let’s wish him luck and hope he finds a horseshoe…
He trap’d in the trap”

During our interview with Don Trip a few weeks back, I asked the Memphis MC which track was the highlight from his recently-released Guerrilla mixtape and he replied with “Trap’d In The Trap,” a conceptual song that points out the chains holding back many folks stuck in the unfortunate regularities of their neighborhood. Now that we’ve had a chance to hear said song first hand, Don couldn’t have given a better answer. This Sapp-produced dime piece is indeed a piercing look into the heart of someone who wants nothing more than to do good, but simply can’t catch a break.

Since there’s a surprise ending of sorts, only the first verse is included up top, but truthfully – we really could’ve written out all three. This song is so captivating, it’d be easy to say listening is equivalent to watching a movie, but unfortunately, this is about as real as life gets.

Don Trip – “Trap’d In The Trap” (Prod. By Sapp)

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