Peter King’s Outlook Calendar

07.20.06 11 years ago 23 Comments

If you happen to speak English, you may realize that Peter King is the best NFL writer in the United States, and therefore, the world. In fact, his NFL prowess is so renowned that it has earned him an analyst’s spot on the NFL Sunday Night Football studio team, premiering this fall. He is an Afroed god among mere mortal, straight-haired sportswriters.

So how does this elite journalist get into condition for the season? Certainly the work of covering 32 teams requires a strong preseason regimen. We like to know these things, so we here at KSK obtained a page of Peter King’s Outlook Calendar for an upcoming day, as many teams will already be in camp. While he sits on top of the mountain for now, to us it seems clear: Peter King is not ready for some football.

Don’t worry, Pete. That’s why they call it the preseason. Just keep your chin…up.

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