Reports: Beyonce Gives Birth, Twitter Reacts

01.08.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

On Saturday night, baby Blue Ivy Carter* reportedly emerged from Beyonce’s womb in a dramatic fashion only fitting for the offspring of the man who goes by Jay Hova. She was born in New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where Jigga spent $1.3 million renting out the entire fourth floor to ensure complete privacy. In addition, tape was supposedly placed over all security camera lenses, and nurses and doctors were required to turn in their cell phones at the start of their shifts while extraneous hospital staff was not allowed on the fourth floor. You can bet that the man who somehow found a way to prevent his album from leaking will comfortably be able to make sure that first picture of his daughter will emerge only from him, in due time of course. The Carter family does not play around.

For all those curious, the name Ivy Blue likely is derived from two things. Ivy comes from the number four, which holds a lot of significance to Beyonce. Four’s Roman numeral is IV, which is phonetically spelled out as “Ivy.” And as for Blue, it’s Jay-Z’s apparently favorite color and holds musical symbolism via the Blueprint trilogy perhaps.

Elsewhere, the Twitterverse reacted to the good news. When Bey first announced she was pregnant, the news set the record for most tweets per second (more so than even Osama Bin Laden’s death), so I’m sure when the numbers are in, she’ll have lapped herself this go around. Peep some reactions below**.


* – What happened to “Brooklyn Carter” though?

** – And of course, the Illuminati rumors were sure to crash the party.

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