Rex Ryan Way Too Kind About Being Tebowed By Cajuns

03.22.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

While the Tebow madness was playing out last night, Rex Ryan was in Baton Rouge, preparing to sit in on LSU Pro Day today. He didn’t go the Redskins route and hit up the local Hooters, which is a little surprising, but he did venture to another restaurant/bar where patrons where ready to drop a Tebow on him. Based on the Zapruder film-like quality of the clip, what with the multiple angles and replays, this seems more ominous than it should.

Not that Rex should be pissed. If you trade for Tim Tebow, you should probably expect stuff like this. To his rare credit, Tebow even said he wanted to play for Rex since he saw the coach on “Hard Knocks” so, that’s good, I guess.

Rex also gets points for the following exchange, relayed from someone at

My buddy just talked to him & the GM for a while. Said he was a pretty cool guy. My friend knows Kevin Mawae really well so he talked to the GM for a while. He said Rex came up to him and shook his hand first. Then he told Rex, “Congrats on ur new fullback”. Rex laughed. Then he asked for a picture, Rex laughed & said “f*ck you not after that comment”.

[via Busted Coverage]

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