Rickie Jacobs Continues Hot Streak With “Between Time”

05.31.14 3 years ago

rickie jacobs between time art

“Twenty gun salute, I shoot like ‘bap-bap-bap,’ n***a, the drop-top hot, n***a…”

Heading into 2014, I had no real opinion on Rickie Jacobs. Yeah, I’d heard of him, and his flow was ear-catching, but the Baltimore emcee wasn’t really on my radar, despite the glowing mentions from fellow Crew members.

Halfway through the year? I’m singing a very different tune.

Thanks to a steady flow of music that’s been as solid as it is consistent (“Rocafella Intro 2002” is still one of my favorite tracks of the year), a new Jacobs track in my inbox is cause for minor celebration. Sure, I’m a little late to the party. But that’s why it’s so important for up-and-comers like Rickie to keep grinding. It can take years to build a proper fanbase and garner the attention they seek.

Let “Between Time” serve as yet another wake-up call for those in need of one. The pensive track is defined by an eerie piano loop, one that fits Jacobs’ flow all too well. A complete track that deserves multiple spins, call it another drop in a bucket that seems to be filling up by the week.

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