Righchus – “Still Ridin'” Video

07.27.12 5 years ago

The three reasons why Rigchus’ mixtape, Black Cradles, and the accompanying video for the track “Still Ridin'” deserve a mention here.

1. Dope presentation with the cover art, which piqued my curiosity on first look. Dookie chains and gold teeth speak to the old school in me.

2. Hitting play on the video and finding familiar production by Clams Casino. Even though Mac Vs. Finesse may totally rearrange the game and take away the option of jackin’ beats as freely, I always tell artists I listen to a new track with three thoughts in mind: Do I like the artist and their flow? Do I like the production? Do I like the song as a whole.

By jacking a solid beat, that’s one important factor marked off the list. Without having to worry about whether the beat suits my taste, focusing on answering the other two questions is easier. Not that I needed it with Righchus because we’ve seen his name around these parts previously.

3. He’s rocking We Are The Process gear. That’s two automatic cool points right there for his support of the homies.

Download Rigchus’ Black Cradles mixtape for free right here.

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