Roman Flowrs’ ‘Denise’ Will Leave You In A Retro State Of Mind

06.29.14 3 years ago

Roman Flowrs - Denise

You know what? F*ck a lyric. They’re so…obnoxious, getting in the way of the producer’s outstanding instrumentals. GO HOME, WE DON’T NEED YOU.

I kid, I kid. But there are definitely times when I’m perfectly fine with not hearing any words and just vibing to some tasty backdrops, which Roman Flowr’s Denise is full of.

The project is something of a love letter to our hero-producer’s favorite reason to watch TV as a kid, Denise Huxtable. As such, most of the sounds you hear are going to sound retro. Flavorful in a smooth, inviting kind of way. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon drive or a laid-back dinner party, or any time somebody mentions their yearning for some early ’90s nostalgia.

Stream the project and enjoy.

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