Ron Perlman Is Holding Up Hellboy 3

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08.18.10 6 Comments

“Hellboy” was a fun romp and a great action movie, even if it got more formulaic as it went along. “Hellboy 2” was fun, too, although the fact that it was really just Mike Mignola’s characters in Guillermo Del Toro’s fantasy world became a bit distracting around the time you realized it was like Del Toro was just going down a checklist (let’s see here: clockwork? Check. Storybook world? Check. Environmental message? Check.) “Hellboy 3”, however, will also probably be fun…if it ever gets made.

The problem turns out to be not the sequel barely making its budget back in theaters, but actually Ron Perlman. It turns out that, for some reason, the dude doesn’t want to spend six hours a day in a makeup chair to reprise the role, especially now that he’s got “Sons of Anarchy” willing to feature his ugly mug, and Del Toro won’t recast the part.

It’s nice to see a movie stalled because of high standards, loyalty, and other reasons that actually make sense. We’re way too used to awesome movies being stalled because some lawyer didn’t get his ham sandwich made precisely right by his mom, and now everybody’s gonna pay. Still, kinda sucks for anybody looking for “Hellboy 3”, but at least they have “The Hob-“. Oh, right.

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