Sasha Go Hard – “Out The Bottle” Video

03.19.14 4 years ago

Amazing what a little Diplo will do for a girl.

See, Julie and I usually reach this point of contention when it comes to chicks emerging from Chicago’s drill scene. I favor Katie Got Bandz and her simple, monotone delivery while Julie digs Sasha. Obviously, the latter is a little more skilled but she didn’t show enough charisma to sell herself.

Seasons change.

Sasha’s progression has been going on for a minute. Yet, when you spend a little while on the road with the Mad Decent tour and work more closely with a mastermind like Diplo, that’s when the flourish begins. That’s where we find Sasha right now with “Out The Bottle.” The producer puts a marching band behind her and she’s off, riding the groove like a champ. “Ain’t no clones in my zone” she rhymes and right now, I’d say she’s on the money with that assessment.

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