She’s Cognizant Of Us. She’s Really, Really Cognizant Of Us

06.05.07 10 years ago 33 Comments

As has been mentioned in this space recently, we six of KSK have been toiling away at this for round about a year now, with little reward or recompense beyond basking in our own pissed excellence. Sure, there have been awards, drugs and a measure of blogosphere fame, but what does it all mean without a connection to the progenitors of our efforts? Those two noble, buoyant souls who formed a totemic dyad – sideline reporter and debauched former quarterback – that inspired unspeakable things in all of this.

Caveman caught up with our blogfather back in February and snapped a photo with him before Namath could say he was going out for a pack of smokes and be out of our lives for good. But Suzy? She has been defined by her silence, her absence, her nose. Long have we waited for some motherly validation from our Patron Saint.

Well, shucks, here it is.

The incident made Kolber something of a cult figure. She’s now the namesake of a sports blog called “Kissing Suzy Kolber.” She said she’s seen it, but “I rarely, even beyond rarely, read anything about myself.”

Now, flattering as it is that the Patron Saint is vaguely, even beyond vaguely, aware of the occasional football satire and commenter drafts being carried out in her name, one gets the idea that her take on it is that this blog is some sort of chronicle of the goings-on in her life. I’d like to think that that’s what she wants it to be and is miffed that it isn’t. Certainly there have been times that we’ve wondered about ol’ Suze but, on the whole, she doesn’t make up much of our content. Clearly, she’s frustrated about not reading more about herself and is hellbent about doing something about it.

What then, dear commenters, will Suzy be doing to garner our attention?

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