Someone’s Trying to Start a Mommie Fight

08.01.09 8 years ago 36 Comments

Spotted in Columbia, MD (for those not versed in Maryland suburbia, it’s the line of demarcation between Redskins and Ravens territory): a maternity goods store pushing NFL shirts for extremely pregnant women. Yet the display in the front has a Steelers and a Ravens mannequin posing together, which makes me think the manager, having tired of the schmaltzy overly supportive atmosphere such businesses are supposed to create for their clients, just wants to see some bloated, knocked up ladies come to blows.

Says Ufford: “As long as the unborn children are killed, I’m cool with it.”

Staying with the stupid shirts theme, Terrell Suggs donned this one yesterday.

No shit, P-Drizzle? You say you hate the bitter division rival that beat your team three times last year? Had you not put that on a shirt (one that for some reason is telling me I have a sweet ass), I’d’ve thought you were only placing bounties on their players to see if your dick could get hard.

In other Ratbirds news: Derrick Mason has ended his contract ploy retirement and has now reportedly arrived at Ravens training camp, thus upgrading the Baltimore receiving corps from being possibly historically awful to merely mediocre. Bully for them.

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