Starlito & Don Trip – “Caesar & Brutus” Video

09.30.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


It doesn’t take a history buff to put one and one together and guess how ‘Lito and Don Trip’s new video ends. Titled after arguably the greatest friendship break-up that’s not Avon and Stringer, rap’s Dale and Brennan piece together the story of how a once tight bond (and consistent cash flow) deteriorated slowly due to the presence of a scandalous young lady.

Let me be the first (or 500th) to say, too, how good it is to hear Star and Don rhyming together once again. The back-and-forth flow was tough as nails and helped provide an added dose of depth to an otherwise already heavy record. Plus, I’m just glad Trip didn’t become one of those cautionary tales always told when the “what should have been” conversation inevitably arises. As for ‘Lito? If any description of how simultaneously smooth and hard a great majority of his music is, it’d be like eating home-made from scratch buttermilk pancakes only to wash it down with a shot of Hennessy.

Anywho, their Stepbrothers 2 project becomes available October 15 and the very next day the duo embarks on a tour with Kevin Gates. If that comes anywhere near DC, count me in.

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