Steelers-Broncos Live Blog – Second Half

09.09.12 5 years ago 850 Comments

We clowned on Tom Brady for his goofy studio photos that NBC aired during the Super Bowl, but it’s obvious that whoever the network’s photographer is an old hand at inducing regrettable poses out of athletes. And so there is now Flirty Von Miller, gazing past his hipster glasses to ask you if you need help reaching that top shelf.

That was a mostly plodding first half. Apparently Boss Todd is actually intent on establishing the run, even though the Steelers have no line and a slew of reserve running backs. Never mind this solid receiving corps and very good quarterback. Alternately, the Broncos didn’t get going until they realized that the no-huddle might tire out the Steelers’ old as sh*t defense. Probably for the best, since the Pey-Pey fluffing was unbearable for the first few series. Given that Teebs had a 20-6 halftime lead over the Steelers back in January, the Tebowtard trolling has just begun.

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