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10.02.12 5 years ago 71 Comments

After last night, it dawned on some Cowboys fans that the “glory hole” days are not, in fact, back and that the ‘Boys are just as maddeningly inconsistent as they’ve always been, revamped secondary or not. Dallas fan John Shango loosed an apoplectic YouTube rant on the world late last night after the game. It is worth all six and a half minutes of your time.

Someone pointed out that the Cowboys loss makes the team an even 122-122 since the beginning of the 1997 season. To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised their record is even that good. Of course, since the team is 2-2 this year, they had also had a .500 record over that span going into the season, so it’s possible Dallas really just wants to not stray from the mean.

This man fails to see the point. It’s not that Cowboys fans are exclusively bandwagon riders or frontrunners. It’s that all Cowboys fans are just that: Cowboys fans, which is just as bad, if not worse.

— Today in bizarre and depressing juxtapositions: Barry Sanders poses for a photo with Scott Stapp. Barry looks appropriately thrilled about the encounter.

— Attention fans of fumbles and Al Qaeda apologia: Rashard Mendenhall is reportedly on track to make his first appearance of the season this Sunday.

— Jake Locker might need season-ending shoulder surgery. I had this to be sad new less because of sympathy for Locker than a general sense of dread for the impending “Hurt Locker” puns.

— Tommie Harris was arrested last night in Chicago and charged with misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, urinating in public and simple assault. I would make a joke about celebrating the Monday night win, but then I was reminded that his wife died of an aneurysm earlier this year, less than two months after the couple married. So he might have some other issues going on.

— Bengals fan discovers last remaining use for his T.J. Houshmandzadeh jersey.

— Some folks are upset that Peter King doesn’t want the NFL to dress all sissy pink for an entire month to support breast cancer awareness. That’s right. PK can’t take a decisive stance on anything but apparently how much he dislikes shows of support for charity.

— Missed it in the recap, but Rob Ryan had a message of support for Chuck Pagano on his play sheet last night.

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