Taiwanese Animators Get One Last Dig In At Tim Tebow

04.30.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

You know, I’m as eager as the rest of you for Tim Tebow to go away forever. ESPN had been bad enough making a huge deal of Teebs’ release even as there are slightly more significant stories going on in the world of sports. So, yeah, I guess this isn’t helping. Nevertheless, when the Taiwanese animators do something relevant to our site, it’s hard not to bite. And so here’s their take on Tim Tebow washing out of New York. For no other reason than it has Tebow going through a montage where’s he’s training by practicing punching Jews. Nice job overall, though it probably could have done without the tacked on entry level Manti Te’o jokes at the end. C’mon, NMA Media, focus on one punchline at a time. No need to force all the easy targets into one video.

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