The iPod Shuffle – Mobb Deep’s “Still Shinin'”

10.30.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

“Some sheisty New York n*ggas, thirsty for chedda
You shinin’, you get your jewels taken with your Hil’ sweater
Keepin this rap fans like crack fiends
Until we re-up, and put more Infamous up on the rap scene”

What Dipset is to Tins, Mobb is to Raj. We’re talking pure unadulterated adulation. I haven’t asked him, but I’m pretty sure the ’96 incarnation of Prodigy heard on Hell On Earth’s “Still Shinin'” is the version of the testy QB rhymeslinger that made Raj a diehard member of the Infamous Mobb fan club.

DownloadMobb Deep – “Still Shinin'”

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