The Jaguars EverBank Field Pools Are Ready To Party. UPDATE: Party with Khan!

07.25.14 3 years ago 47 Comments
Jags Pool


The Jaguars have added a pool to EverBank Stadium for this season and they look like they’re filled and ready to go… For soccer?

Well, two out of three isn’t bad. You have a pool, a view and hey, are Jags fans really prepared to watch Blake Bortles staring over the shoulder of Chad Henne for the next two months waiting to start? Maybe a nice match of soccer will ease everyone into the season of having to explain to their friends, “No, really! This town has lots of fans! Loads!”



Yeah, I didn’t think that plan was particularly funny either, Chad.

UPDATE: Who wouldn’t want to party with Shahid Khan? I take back my teasing if it means we can hang out at the Jags pool together. You know I do it from a place of love, buddy.

(Via Reddit)

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