The Kid Daytona – “The Daytona 500 Trailer” Video

04.28.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Gearing up for his debut LP Come Fly With Me in June, The Kid Daytona is dropping an EP entitled The Daytona 500 on 5.5.09.  I know we all need another mixtape like some of us around here needs another pair of shoes, but the devil’s in the details.

I’ll give you chance to peep the vid before going on.

That’s right: 7 tracks. 6 producers. All sampling from 1 song (Bob James – “Nautilus”). Interesting concept to say the least, but you gotta build the machine before you can fly right?  But with a name like The Kid Daytona, this has to be more than a coincidence right?

The Daytona 500 mixtape coming 5.5.09 and his Come Fly With Me LP coming in June.

First up:

Download — The Kid Daytona – “The Body” (Produced By Ill Bomb)

Previously Posted — The Kid Daytona Feat. Amanda Diva – “Lately”

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