The Ongoing Misadventures of Tony Romo

12.29.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

Int. Dallas Cowboys team shower

[cellphone rings]

Tony: You got Romo!

Jessica: Hi, Tony. Sorry about the game.

Tony: Oh hey, Jess. It’s cool.

Jess: So I have some good news that might cheer you up!

Tony: Oh yeah, did you book our off-season vacation to celebrity sex and drug island?

Jess: No, even better!

(towel snaps in the background)

Jess: I’m pregnant!

Tony: [collapses]

Jerry: MY GODDAMN STAR! Ah, fuck it.

(Continue after the jump for the definitive .gif of Dallas’s season)

.gif courtesy of Westbrook Is My Anti-Drug

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