The Redskins are trying really hard to convince you the team name isn’t racist

10.12.14 3 years ago 22 Comments

You guys, the Washington Fightin’ Snyders are really, really trying hard to convince you that their team name isn’t racist. In fact, some of their best fans are even Native Americans so, you know, NOT RACIST! This new, odd push comes at a time when the outrage over the team name still simmers but remains in the background thanks to Roger Goodell’s ineptitude and other recent revelations over domestic violence in the league. But there’s the team, right there, making a big push during today’s game at Arizona to convince that you’re wrong about that team name.

It began earlier this morning with this tweet.

There are a lot of things to say about this but the main thing is that the Redskins went out of their way to acknowledge that these fans are part of the Navajo Nation because otherwise, you would have just looked at the women and thought, “Huh, okay, Redskins fans. Whatever.” But, no, the team WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT SEE NATIVE AMERICANS LIKE US SO THAT MAKES OUR NAME OKAY.

Even though the Navajo Nation joined the fight to make the team change their name six months ago, television cameras caught Gun Slinger Snyder hosting Ben Shelly, the president of the Navajo Nation, in his box at the game. But before anyone thinks this is some sort of breakthrough, the Redskins invited various Native American groups to a pregame tailgate and Shelly has faced criticism from many in his own tribe for his seeming indifference to the team name controversy and even stirred up a feud when a Native American gaming group withdrew from a golf tournament meant to raise scholarships because the Redskins were a primary sponsor.

So, take the below photo with a grain of salt.

All this not good enough to convince you yet? Then how about ANOTHER group of Native Americans decked out in Redskins gear?

Just to round this strangeness out, though, there were folks that didn’t buy the team’s efforts.

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