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09.10.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

There wasn’t much of a contest on the field at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, so fans in the upper reaches of the stands had to stage their own battle for New York State, replete with Zubaz, women punching and the finest that humanity has to offer (Jersey and Western New York chapters). Poor Buffalo fans. They didn’t stand much of a chance up there, either. Power in numbers, people. I have to ask where was this Bills Mafia we’ve heard so much about? Could be these folks didn’t pay their protection fees.

— Aaron Rodgers made a friendly wager on Sunday’s game with a member of Boyz II Men because Aaron Rodgers knows all the groups you slow danced to at homecoming. He and Blackstreet also go way back. Anyway, Rodgers lost, so he has to wear a 49ers jersey for the remainder of the week. Also he has to let everyone know that Motown Philly is, indeed, back again.

— Packers players continue their recent habit of being dicks and claiming that the other team didn’t actually beat them, but benefited from Green Bay self-defeat. This time, it’s cornerback Jarrett Bush.

— Annoying Redskins fan overreaction wouldn’t be complete unless there were already a derivative meme for RGIII’s first career regular season touchdown pass, and so there is Griffining. Given Von Miller’s mock Tebowing display last night, I expect an NFC East defender to whip this out before the season is out.

— Former Titans teammates Cortland Finnegan and Stephen Tulloch staged a fake fight during the Rams-Lions game to mess with a scab ref, who acted quickly to break it up. Successful trolling, though a little unfair. Finnegan only starts, like, three real fights per half. I would totally fall for that.

— The first “Jeff Ireland on the hot seat” story of the season. He’s gonna be a joy to watch go. I hope the team brings in Dez Bryant to announce his shitcanning. GO FIRELAND!

— Greatriots writers say you shouldn’t worry about Wes Welker not being featured as much in the New England offense on account of contract standoffs and droppiness. There will be sufficient scrappiness to come.

— Broncos fan perfectly captures image of belligerent Steelers fan throwing her beer at him following Tracy Porter’s game-ending pick-six of THE BEN. Only improved if a Broncos DB intercepted the tossed Bud Light as well.

— NFL ratings: still incredibly high! Though know that millions of people watch Football Night in America just depresses the shit out of me.

— Apparently, the best-case scenario for Fred Jackson’s return is four weeks. The worst case is he never returns, you pour all your money into failing fantasy football teams, leading to you dead cold, alone, hungry and impotent.

— Brent Grimes is going on injured reserve with an Achilles injury, so a little cold water on that blowout Falcons victory.

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