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02.14.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

Hey, here’s 35 minutes of highlights from the NFL season that was, set the kind of thundering, overwrought music that usually accompanies football highlights. I’ve already made myself forget most of the season that just ended (the effects of alcohol help, too) just because it’s too painful to think that there’s still no forever for (checks watch) forever. Goddamn forever. Ah well, this will pass a little time, I suppose.

— Gronk ran up a $9,615.40 bar bill in Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m shocked by the lack of Fireball shots on that receipt.

— Brian Bosworth is disturbingly into The xx, has aural orgasms at their concert.

— An Indiana student brought a big-head of Jim Harbaugh’s memorable fisting face from the end of the Super Bowl to one of his school’s basketball games. Don’t think you’re gonna get that defensive holding penalty on the court, either.

— The Titans would like to integrate more read-option looks into their offense with Jake Locker next season. This is where’s the NFL’s copycat tendencies are great. Gonna be so hilarious watching marginally athletic white quarterbacks try to be RGIII in 2013.

— Some people in D.C. want to bring back the Touchdown Club, a fancy-ass banquet where famous sports people and famous non-sports people get together to give out awards for such-and-such. It was kind of a big deal back before most of us were born, apparently.

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