Ways To ProtectYourself Google’s Privacy Policy Changes

03.02.12 6 years ago


“Google released a new privacy policy this week, reminding us that the services and apps we use aren’t free—we pay for them with our privacy. This weekend, take a look at your digital life and audit your privacy settings to keep your personal information as locked down as possible.

“It’s really easy to just brush these things off as unimportant, and to a certain extent, sure: I don’t care what kind of ads I’m being served. If they’re tailored to me, all the better—it doesn’t feel any more invasive. That said, you never really know what companies are going to do with the data you give them. Legally, they have to get your permission before they use it, but we’re so quick to give permission without thinking these days that the law doesn’t offer us much solace.”

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