Tracklistings: 50 Cent’s ‘Animal Ambition’

04.26.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

50 Cent Animal Ambition Cover

To say 50 Cent’s fifth LP, Animal Ambition, could be his most important one is an overstatement. It’s not. Because 50 Cent is still insanely rich and doesn’t need to sell another album.

He just wants to very badly.

The obvious difference for 50’s current musical endeavors versus previous ones is his decision to go the indie route after splitting with Em, Dre and Jimmy. He looks like the smart one if the album finds success commercially or even critically. However, if it flops, well…he’s still going to be insanely rich and won’t ever need to sell another album. And he still wins a moral victory for being able to release his work on his decision alone.

Below, what’s reported to be the tracklist for Animal Ambition, set for a June 3rd release. Let’s assumed the much talked about collaboration between Curtis and ScHoolboy Q lives on the deluxe version of the project. Also, no Banks or Yayo appearances, which sucks but to be expected given the recent quibbling between 50 and Yayo. No, Gourdan Banks does not count.

50 Cent Animal Ambition Tracklist

Cred: HHNM

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