Take A Penny, Leave A Penny

02.19.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

The U.S. Mint just released new images of the 2010 Lincoln one-cent coin which commemorates his preservation of the United States as a single and united country. Which is exactly what the old design did, but since our country’s coffers are stuffed to the gills, this was the perfect time to do this. It’s not like we have any other pressing matters which would need our attention, right? The real question is why do we still have pennies except for symbolic reasons?

Think about it.

Truthfully, once you put away the piggy bank they become useless. If you’re like me, whenever you don’t need a penny, you have a pocketful of them. But the second that register says $20.01, they’re no where to be found. On top of that, it costs more to produce a penny (& nickel) than they’re really worth. We need to abolish pennies and just make it mandatory that every item sold should either end in a five or zero. As much as the government likes to finagle with taxes, they shouldn’t have a problem figuring that out.


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