Listen To Will Brennan & Block Beattaz’s 3 Act Play ‘Young Man Blues’

05.29.14 3 years ago

will brennan block beattaz young man blues

The weekly release is a trend that’s not going anywhere, for better or for worse. At this point for us as writers and listeners, it’s more of a challenge for us keeping up with the sheer volume of them versus the actual content itself.

Anyhow, it’s nice to hear from Will Brennan again. He’s returning after a short, unofficial hiatus, it seems, after signing with Dim Mak more than a year ago. During that time away, he wasn’t dormant; he was perfecting his next move. His spin on routine releases? Dropping a series of “3 Act Plays” on the regular. In other words, instead of releasing once song at once, he’s delivering songs in sets of three.

The first round is called Young Man Blues, and Brennan teams up with The Block Beattaz for that all-around, solid sound that we’ve come to love from Huntsville producers. I’ll leave you the stream for the project along with Brennan’s additional, handwritten notes below, his words doing greater justice than mine.

will brennan young man blues

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