You Still Gotta Live Blog the Houston Texans

11.23.09 8 years ago 26 Comments

First, the Colts had to go back to Baltimore on Sunday, now the former Oilers return to Houston (not to forget the Buzzsaw’s trip to St. Louis). IT’S RELOCATION WEEK! Did Bud Adams take out a full page ad in the sports section to apologize to Houston too? Soon Bud Adams apology revenue will be all there is to keep newspapers afloat. So keep dropping the double deuce on people. FOR JOURNALISM!

No matter how much the Titans want to turn tail and head back to Nashville, Bernard Pollard says YOU STILL GOTTA PLAY THE HOUSTON TEXANS!

Anyway, this is the bastard middle child live blog nudged between Pats-Colts last week and Pats-Saints a week from today. But the Texans are still fighting to stay in the playoff hunt. And Steve Slaton getting the start will have duped enough fantasy owners into playing him again that we will delight in their anguish. The likely Chris Johnson stat line of 180 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries will provide adequate Meastliness. It’s no madcap Detroit-Cleveland game, but it could be fun. But when’s Vince Young gonna hurry up and implode? He doesn’t even have a negative touchdowns to interceptions ratio! What manner of sorcery is this? No better moment to start the shirtless insanity like a prime time game in his hometown.

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