Is It So Hard To Love Microsoft News?

09.02.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Nobody likes a bragger, but let’s face it – when you do something right, you want the whole world to know. That’s why Microsoft is screaming from every mountaintop that the new Windows Phone 7 operating system is going to blow your consumer minds. The company has been packaging its latest smart phone OS for shipping to all of its cellular partners in order to be ready for the holidays. Microsoft said in a statement that this baby has been tested, double tested, triple tested and tested one last time just to be sure. So basically, it’s ready to go. And it’s good timing, because my MSDOS phone is running a little slow.

Sometimes in a fight, you just have to say, “Screw it” and go for the knockout. And 9 times out of 10, it’s a big swing and a miss. But Microsoft doesn’t care about the odds, because the only way the company can even start to compete with Google’s Android phone presence is by attacking, and that’s what they’re doing. Microsoft is launching its Bing app with Verizon phones and in the coming months Bing will become available with more U.S. carriers that sell Android smart phones, with the promise that it will provide smoother, more convenient service, like a bald man getting a haircut.

Speaking of fighting, if you’re like me you’d rather handle your pugilism on a video game platform like the Xbox (which I don’t have if anyone at Microsoft is reading), but if you’re also like me you have giant man hands as the result of generations of pure testosterone breeding. And big thumbs equal clumsy gaming. That was the complaint that a lot of gamers had with the most recent models of wireless controllers for the Xbox 360. But Microsoft has heard the cries and complaints and come November, the classic style of controller will be available again, making the gaming experience easy for ham fists everywhere.

Finally, for the delicate hands, the new Microsoft Arc mouse combines the super popular touch technology with just flat out design awesomeness. Instead of a scroll wheel, a touch sensor will handle your scrolling needs just fine. For the person on the go, the Arc can flatten for packing convenience and then pop right back into shape for everyday use. What shape, you ask? An arc. Maybe you’re not ready for advanced technology just yet.


  • Windows 7 smart phone platform to be released for holidays. Atheists have to wait until January. (ARS Technica)
  • Microsoft is pushing the Bing search engine as an Android app. Your move, Google. (Datamation)
  • Xbox goes back to the classic controller style. You can release the hostages now. (PC World)
  • Microsoft’s new Arc mouse can bend and shape like a Romania gymnast. (Seattle Times)



  • Microsoft really wants you to upgrade to Windows 7, so much so that they’re bringing back the Family Pack deal. For $149.99 you can upgrade three computers, whereas the single pack runs for $129.99 alone. (Beta News)
  • Virginia earned a huge economic victory as Microsoft will build a $500 million data center in Mecklenburg County, which means at least 55 new jobs for the area. Unfortunately, my “hang-gliding gentleman super spy” resume will once again be ignored. (CRN)
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    • Google continues to dominate as the preferred search engine with approximately 90% of user preference over the last month. Yahoo and Bing are duking it out for second, while Baidu is hanging on for dear life. I knew I shouldn’t have invested my life’s savings in Baidu. (Stat Counter)
    • Blackberry still holds the highest market share for smart phones at 35%, but Apple’s iPhone is close behind at 28%. Meanwhile, the Symbian is hanging in there at 2%. Wait, what? (Nielsen)


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