Legless Cats, Awesome Veterans, and Spam

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08.14.10 4 Comments

“I have no legs. I have no legs.”

That fancy feline quadruple amputee seen above is Callie Mae, the cat in Alabama who lost all four of her legs when she was electrocuted while climbing to get away from a pack of dogs.  She still gets around (all the male cats at the shelter told me that), but needs help with grooming.  The upside of having a legless cat, to paraphrase a joke by Liam Lynch, is that they’re like cuddly throw pillows, and they never run away.  Meow Now the shelter is looking for a family who can handle Callie’s special needs. Half price right?

Speaking of awesome amputees, three war veterans with one leg between them (no, they don’t share it) climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.  Former U.S. Army Sgt. Neil Duncan lost both legs in Afghanistan.  Former U.S. Army Sgt. Dan Nevins lost both legs in Iraq.  69-year-old Kirk Bauer lost one leg in Vietnam.  Duncan joked about how sore his arms and stumps were after the climb.  Meanwhile, a lazy blogger got winded while picking up the mail earlier today.  Advantage: Duncan.

In completely unrelated news, a woman from East Sussex, England who rented out her home for two months while she was helping the homeless in Peru has returned home to a nasty surprise.  Her renter refuses to leave, citing squatter’s rights and financial hardship from stock market losses.  This has left the homeless-helping charity worker, well, homeless.  Her and her 4-year-old son are now living in a tent on their own lawn.


  • Legless cat goes up for adoption. (ABCNews, with video)
  • “Amputee veterans stand up to Mount Kilimanjaro and achieve peak condition.” I see what you did there, WashingtonPost.
  • Woman forced to live in a tent after squatter takes over house (Arbroath)



  • UC San Diego researchers discover spammers have been paying low-wage workers overseas around $50/month to solve CAPTCHAs. (Geekosystem)
  • “Unemployed computer technician/furry wants to change his name to Boomer the Dog. With picture of what you thought an unemployed computer technician/furry would look like” (Fark)
  • Ron Sveden was suffering from emphysema for months and went in for a cancer screening.  Instead of a tumor, his doctor found a pea plant growing in his lungs. (Discoblog, with video)



  • Here’s an interactive map of where spam emails are coming from worldwide. (Gizmodo)
  • “Peter Craig just set the URDB world record for the longest active email address, which is 345 characters in length.” (LaughingSquid)
  • Spam doesn’t just waste time, it also wastes electricity.  In terms of carbon emissions, spam pumps enough CO2 into the environment every eleven days to exceed the emissions of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.  Go green.  Choke out a spammer today. (GOOD)


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