Pay For The Sex, Stay For The News

08.26.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

They call it the world’s oldest profession – prostitution. And by they I mean Johnny Law, Bobby Badgewearer, Jimmy Handcuffs, Reginald Q. Excessiveforce… the man. I disagree with this claim, though, because I believe that the politician is the world’s oldest profession. After all, you can’t have call girls without clients. But I digress, because while we rarely prosecute politicians for screwing us, we love to arrest hookers. And the word of the week is sting, as in prostitution.

We start where most amateur call girls find their beginnings these days – Craigslist. Why hit the streets when you can just use Google Street View? Six women and three men were arrested in Philadelphia in association with a prostitution ring that was operated through Craigslist. Linked to the ring are a series of robberies and violent crimes, including a 2009 murder in which a pimp was killed when he confronted a John. Clearly not a stellar moment in the pimp game.

Yosmaris Yamilet Lopez was arrested in Sellersburg, Indiana for running a prostitution ring out of her home. Authorities believe this ring spanned two states and was a way for South American women to pay their “debts” for being brought into the U.S. illegally. Neighbors reported seeing random men and women coming and going during all hours. I was also recently arrested for the same reason, but it was just my 24-hour foosball tournament.

At least 42 people have been arrested as part of an online prostitution sting in Polk County, Florida, which is amazing because I never knew that 42 people had Internet access in Polk County. Johns were paying between $200 and $400 for sex acts, so I’m assuming that people had sex and then were given television sets. At the center of the Polk ring? A 77-year old pimp. In your face, retirement age!

But the police aren’t a prostitute’s only enemy. Street walkers in Ottawa – that’s in Canada, according to Funk and Wagnalls – are looking over both shoulders after a hooker was killed in the line of booty. But according to the deceased’s ho-workers, it’s just biznass as usual. How many prostitutes have to be killed until we recognize an epidemic? Oh, apparently the answer is 24.

Despite all of this negative sex-for-hire news, the game is still thriving. At least it is in San Antonio, where police are reporting that even after being booked for soliciting their lady parts, hookers are heading right back out to the streets as soon as they kiss jail goodbye. But not on the mouth, of course.


  • Craigslist, where you can find a coffee table, a weight bench and a $40 frontal massage all in the same place. (Fox News)
  • Give us your weak, your tired, your huddled masses… so we can sell them for sex. (WAVE 3)
  • A 77-year old pimp headlines a bust of 42 hookers and Johns in Polk County. (Tampa Bay Online)
  • Hookers in Ottawa are scared after one of their own is murdered. There’s safety – and discounts – in numbers. (Toronto Sun)
  • Beautiful San Antonio, the City of Love That You Pay For By The Hour. (KENS 5)



  • After rumors that he had an affair with a prostitute, Peter Crouch’s name is being used at the center of a Facebook hacker scam that promises a free sex tape of the English footballer. Who still falls for this stuff? (Web User)
  • One thing a John can’t ask for is a change of mind. A customer decided he didn’t want sex once the hooker arrived and for his reversal of rigor he was still forced to pay. (Online Sentinel)
  • A New Jersey pimp is going to prison for selling minors for sex. If life is fair, he’ll be sold for much worse where he’s going. (Examiner)



  • Of the 80,000 people arrested annually for prostitution, 70% are women, 20% are men and 10% are the customer. Something about that seems off. (KISS 95.1)
  • More than 1 million people in the U.S. have sold their bodies for profit. Sadly, I’m in debt. (Associated Content)
  • Seven out of 10 women behind bars got their felonious beginnings in prostitution. Hey, as long as they remember where they came from. (Western Michigan University)


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