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Da Rockwilder Returns With Bun B & A Pistol

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What could possibly turn a Grammy-Award-winning producer like <a href="">Rockwilder</a> into a recluse.


The iPod Shuffle – Xzibit’s “Shroomz”

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Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you won't catch me on much more than Mary.

Planet C.O.B Vol. 2

Crooked I Shows Lil Wayne “How To Thug”

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For most Top 40 rap singles, you can expect the respective instrumentals will be claiming rape within months of release.


XV – “Phobia”

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Let me start by saying that if you haven't checked out <a href="">XV's</a> <a href="">Zero Heroes</a>, you're missing out.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Celly Cel’s “It’s Goin’ Down’ (Remix)”

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Between both the original and remix, I've probably heard <a href="">Celly Cel's</a>, "It's Goin' Down," more than the National Anthem.


Action Bronson – “Imported Goods (Falside Remix)”


<a href=""> How cool is this? <a href="">Falside</a>, the original producer behind <a href="">Action Bronson's</a> Dr.


Jon Connor – “Reppin’ 4 Flint”

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<a href=""> The non-fiction version of <a href="">Jon Connor</a> doesn't just spit on beats, he engulfs them in one bite, chews them into pieces the size of sand and spits 'em out.

Universal Records

Mayer Hawthorne – “A Long Time”

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<a href=""> Here in my Metro Detroit area, everyone has their own nonadjacent time frame for when they'd like to see the Motor City revitalized. While progress is happening around town ascetically, the framework of the extremely spread out city is far removed from the booming days of the Motown Sound. <a href="">Mayer Hawthorne's</a> take on the turnaround can be found on his new single, "A Long Time.


Lil Scrappy Feat. Pharrell – “Grustle”

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<a href=""> Just when you thought rap couldn't get any more brain-dead, <a href="">Lil Scrappy</a> and <a href="">Skateboard P</a> have combined the words grind and hustle to produce the inbred single "Grustle.


Knoc-turn’al Feat. Jayo Felony, Yukmouth & Sly Boogy – “Sorry I Left You (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Pigeonholed by a patented Pacific Coast sound and G'ed up image, the prior generation of West Coast rappers can occasionally sound dated. Luckily, that's far from the case with <a href="">Knoc-turn'al's</a> remix to his rather unapologetic "Sorry I Left You," which originates from his upcoming album Knoc's Ville.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – “Fried Day”

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<a href=""> This was supposed to make the our <a href="">50 Great Soundtrack Raps</a>, but my penchant for the song's theme let it slip through the cracks.

Zion I

Zion I & The Grouch – “Rockit Man”

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<a href=""> After applauded efforts to save Oaktown around the end of 2006, <a href="">Zion I</a> and <a href="">The Grouch</a> have regrouped and are expanding their efforts beyond the.

Your Daily Funk

Your Daily Funk – “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”

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<a href=""> Above all other instruments, the bass may be the most important aspect of a quality song. Carrying the groove and moving listeners accordingly, this bottom-feeding staple of the scale ties everything together and is the main reason <a href="">McFadden & Whitehead</a> continue to carry out their musical mission years after their untimely deaths.


Apollo Brown – “Tao Te Ching”

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<a href=""> If the crackling key sample on <a href="">Apollo Brown's</a> undercover instrumental, "Tao Te Ching," doesn't sell you alone, the horns definitely will without question.

We Got Now

How Brenton Duvall Teamed With Gucci To Do The Impossible

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<a href=""> A few years back, I did a post on my little brother and his dry musical sponge. Then, over Christmas, that now six-foot-freshman handed me a pair of headphones across the dining room table - during dinner - that were playing a Gucci Mane song. Surprisingly, I wasn't disgusted. The reason being this particular version of La Fleur's declarative Trap House turnkey, "That's All," happened to be remixed by someone name <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a>.


Dancing In The Dark

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<a href=""> As dudes, there's always been an allure to shack up with some foreign femme fatale, whose irresistible nature lies not only in her oblique, overseas demeanor, but the clairvoyant language barrier between participating parties. The two of you don't understand a single word one another is saying, yet you don't need to, because desire has overtaken logic. Since that high-speed train of thought is merely a spank-bank-entry for many of us poor schmucks, the same intriguing and blindly-led susceptibility can be applied to French fornication-making-outfit <a href="">Yelle's</a> "Ce Jeu.

Young Gliss

Young Gliss Feat. Boo Bonic & Truck North – “The Life”

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<a href=""> Honestly, after hearing <a href="">Young Gliss'</a> anti-swag, 9th-Wonder-produced "<a href="">Glimmer</a>," I didn't foresee the first single from Dealing With The Pressure Vol.

Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin Feat. Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Murs, Casey Veggies, Skeme & Problem – “Pass The Mic”

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<a href=""> The term "New West" was being thrown around by almost every up & coming rapper from Californ-I-A roughly three years ago. Apparently, these much chagrined rap practitioners felt the need to separate themselves from their elder-statesman in order to carve own their own legacy, and <a href="">for some</a> - the move ended up working out just fine.

The Script

The Script Feat. B.o.B. – “Walk Away”

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<a href=""> Going pop at the beginning of your career definitely has its perks. While your average MC builds up his catalog and snags a couple of straight-to-DVD bit-roles before getting their crossover bread, <a href="">Bobby Ray</a> is soaking up the spotlight and it's only the beginning of his sophomore season in the bigs.

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