49ers-Seahawks Live Blog, Second Half

12.23.12 5 years ago 599 Comments

The Seahawks got a win they didn’t deserve against the Packers, but they returned the favor by putting Green Bay in the driver’s seat for a first-round bye in the playoffs. Meanwhile, we could see a rematch of this game during Wild Card Weekend.

The 49ers came out looking outmatched and stolid immediately. A bad Michael Crabtree drop on the opening drive three-and-out opened things up for two BEEF MOE touchdowns, before San Francisco could put up any resistance. The first Niners drive ended in a field goal attempt, which was blocked and returned for a touchdown by Richard Sherman. With the Adderall, he must have had a clear focus on the end zone during the entire return.

Vernon Davis is out and won’t return after taking a huge hit from Kim Chancellor that was flagged, but wasn’t a head shot. You could still argue defenseless receiver, but that’s a standard that seems to shift on every pass.

The Seahawks grabbed another touchdown to push their lead to 28-3 at the two-minute mark. The Niners saw the Patriots come all the way back on them. Surely they can return the favor, right? Though David Akers finally hit another big kick at the end of the half, there’s a ton of deficit left to make up and field goals aren’t gonna do it.

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