Jamal Smith Rips A Different Set Of Boards as Poptartpete

08.11.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

jamal smith poptartpete 2

Rap has enjoyed a curious relationship with skating over the years. Chad Muska’s Muskabeatz put Chad in the producer’s chair for Hip-Hop greats like Guru and KRS-One. Then we saw Terry Kennedy diss Lupe, do some more rapping and even share a song with Curren$y. Now we’re here to take Jamal Smith aka PoptartPete’s music for a whirl. The name may be as silly as the skater’s videos but his beats show some promise in his hobby.

There’s no need to second guess poptartpete’s rap endeavors. The man definitely knows how to manipulate samples and program drums with consistency. His sense of humor also shines through and is particularly refreshing. Take “UppercutChick” and its video a whirl. Heads ought to least chuckle at his soundtrack to the best punch of 2012.

Poptartpete’s style lies at 92 bpm or less of laid back vibes. His beats may be simple but sometimes less is just right. They also show great awareness for spacing as he consistently leaves space for a rapper to seriously or satirically let loose. You can hear it via this sort of awkward segue to “Hardcore Parkour” and its hilarious rhymes.

The influence from the likes of J. Dilla, Pete Rock and LA beat scene’s first wave are strong in his music. However, he’s capable of switching his style as seen on “TropicalSmoothie:” his most recent creation. Jamal Smith’s Soundcloud page is well worth a visit if you’re game for some more relaxed, zany Hip-Hop. The kid’s got potential so let’s see if he takes this music thing more seriously.

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