#ForeverAlone: Guy Awkwardly Dances By Himself While Everyone Dances With Their Partner

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08.01.13 26 Comments

white people dancing vine

There are so many things going on in this six second vine clip that it requires you to watch at least 10 times to get the full picture. I don’t know where this place is. I don’t know who these people are but today’s word of the day is “awkward.”

1. The #foreveralone black guy awkwardly moving around by his lonesome in the middle of the dancery. I refuse to call what he’s doing “dancing,” though it does look like at one point he’s about to bust it with a heel & toe move. But instead he opts for an awkward half-twerk motion.

2. The fact that he appears to be the lone black person in the entire club as he awkwardly looks for someone else to dance with and realizing it’s just him and Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.

3. The lovely yet lazy couple moving and swaying in the foreground. I think that was JoAnna Garcia Swisher-look-alike’s warm up before she shut sh*t down. The hair touching and flipping before the squatting confirms it. Unfortunately, we will never know how god awful it was because the Vine cuts off at that point. But if you’ve seen any white girl with one drink in her system, I think you already know.

4. Make note of the dude with the sagging pants who’s limited to just swaying because any vigorous moves might result in his pants falling down to his ankles.

5. And then there’s threes-a-crowd couple in the background. What we see here is a Nicki Minaj fan enjoying Nicki Minaj’s music with her two gay best friends. No #foreveralone for her! If you look closely, one of them appears to be doing hybrid of the surfer dude Watusi dance and the twist. Two moves he picked up while watching Dirty Dancing with his hag. But hey, at least he’s not #foreveralone black guy, right?

Watch below and keep all that I’ve just said in mind.

Cred: Rawg via TheDynamics

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