Best Week/Worst Week: RGIII Haters and Sad Nick Fairley

08.22.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

Fucking Mike Florio, man. Does he really believe any of the shit he writes? Last night he accused Robert Griffin III of conjuring “imaginary enemies” after Griffin sent out some dumb tweet about “doubters.” It was Florio’s second post about the totally meaningless tweet in two days. And now I’m writing about it. Because I hate myself.

Regardless of what you think of RGIII, to say that he isn’t criticized constantly is fucking idiotic. Especially from somebody like Florio, who makes a living posting dumb shit about Griffin and watching the comment section fill up with this.

It goes on like that for a while.

Getty Image

Not an old photo of Prince Fielder.

Poor Nick Fairely is in danger of eating himself out of the league at 26 years old. This week he admitted that his eating habits have “got in the way” this preseason. The former first round pick has spent the first two preseason games with Detroit’s second team after putting on a wholly unnecessary 10 pounds of surplus fat. On the positive side, Fairley hasn’t been arrested for fleeing the police with an open bottle of booze in his car in a while.

As a fellow fat person who enjoys drinking, I hope Fairley gets his shit together sometime soon.

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