The Yeezy/Charlamagne Chronicles, Pt. 3: Tha God Strikes Back

02.17.14 4 years ago 50 Comments

Charlamagne Tha God Kanye West beef

Can someone just book Kanye and Charlamagne a boxing ring or something? Or, you know what, it doesn’t even need to be that official. There’s a dark ally outside of my house that would be perfect to host some fisticuffs. Anything. Anything to make the talking stop.

Charlamagne responded to (one of) Kanye’s latest rant(s), during his usual Breakfast Club appearance. Tha God said what most of us were thinking when Ye first fired shots:

“I just wanna know where was all that when he was here on The Breakfast Club… How can ya’ll respect that? How do you get mad after the fact? If you felt that way, you sat here in this studio for over an hour and didn’t say none of that, but now, three to four months later, you ranting about me again. C’mon dog.”

Pretty standard, in that, yeah, common sense would dictate that Kanye’s rants seemed a month or two too late. Then Tha God gets personal:

“I just want him to calm down and not get high blood pressure. And Kim [Kardashian], please go buy Kanye some chocolates or some flowers, some balloons for Valentine’s. He’s acting like a single, bitter bitch right now.”

*puts on glasses*
*re-reads Charlamagne calling Kanye a bitter b*tch*
*sips water*

Don’t do that, Charlamagne. The initial comments that you made way back when were valid because you were speaking with some sense of professionalism. You weren’t (despite what Kanye would have us believe) trying to ruffle too many feathers, simply calling out an incredible artist for some head-scratching decision.

Now? You aren’t stopping a live concert to throw a tantrum, but you’re on Ye’s level, acting emotionally and shooting completely from the hip.

And we at TSS are definitely doing our part to fan the flames of this train wreck. I won’t sit here and act like we’re above this tabloid crap; we cover hip-hop, and every sort of story that can spawn from the genre, good or bad. And this isn’t just bad. It’s stupid. Just fight already, guys, if you’re really about it. Get it over with. Do it for charity or something.

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