Court Notes: Hawks Trump Pacers, Linsanity Ends In Dallas, The Bobcats Win!

03.07.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Words By B. L. Lauvray

Dallas 95, New York 85

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark (or NYC). What was looking like a fun, points!-points!-points! offense, “OMG LINSANITY!” a mere three weeks ago has turned into something downright pedestrian over the course of the past eight games. 85 points against a very “meh” Mavs defense? With ‘Melo, Amare, JR Smith and Jeremy Lin? Mike D’Antoni is looking less genius-like than ever at this point. And yes, I know, “But, 120 against Cleveland and 111 against Boston.” Guys, I know, it’s just a trend I’m noticing overall. The Knicks offense needs help, in spite of those Cleveland and Boston games, this squad also hung 92 on the juggernaut known as New Jersey and a mighty 85 on New Orleans.

Lamar Odom got 23 minutes of run. Sigh. Feel better Lamar. Eat some sour straws, slowly pick yourself up, we all know what you can do. Coolest thing about this game was Dirk (28) v. Amare (26). Dirk’s soft, unblockable, unflappable stroke from the charity stripe; Amare’s softened aerial array and his ever-evolving collection of jumpers. Nice job, boys. But, yeah, Knicks need to fix that offense if they don’t wanna be playing golf before May 15.

Charlotte 100, Orlando 84

Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes the Bobcats just pistol-whipped the Magic. I’m a major Dwight hater [tosses objectivity out window], but oh was this good. Dwight pulled a great magic (pun!) trick in the fourth quarter, disappearing like he was in The Prestige. Five points for “Mr. I Want The Ball More In The Clutch” as Bismack Biyombo had his personal NBA quinceanera in this game –four blocks (two on Dwight shots) in the fourth quarter alone– on his way to 10 points, 15 rebounds and seven blocks in 32 minutes. The “Yo, What’s Up” Award for the night –spoiler!– goes to Corey Maggette who proved to us (and himself) that he’s not quite dead yet. Mags finished with 29 (9-17, 10-11 FT) and 7 boards.

Atlanta 101, Indiana 96

Not entirely sure how Indiana lost this one. The slow start? I guess so. But, wow, did the Pacers and Hawks just decide to switch unis or something? Lack of ball movement, poor shot selection, uninspired effort on the glass? You tell me if that sounds like ATL or Indy, because I’m talking about the Pacers and I sorta can’t believe it. Frank Vogel probably ate a chalkboard and wrestled a grizzly in a phone booth after this one. “Just venting for venting’s sake, team, I’ll be out in a minute.” Vogel, a fairly emphatic “play hard for 48 minutes”-type can’t be thrilled with the effort the Pacers showed in this one. Extra wind sprints won’t help, coach, the team’s tired.

Great job by the Hawks to steal a needed, confidence-builder to start a six-game road swing. Plus, don’t look now, but the Hawks have won three in a row with two of those wins against squads named “Oklahoma City” and “Indiana.” “Impressive, ninjas!”

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