Cowboys-Redskins Live Blog, Second Half

12.30.12 5 years ago 960 Comments

Tony Romo went full Romo for most of first quarter, derping out two Romoceptions, twice as many as he’d thrown the rest of December. The first of which he overthrew Kevin Ogletree then proceeded to berate Ogletree for it, LIKE A TRUE LEADER. But the Redskins could not take advantage. Kai Forbath doinked one off an upright. The pistol offense and the read option were actually things that teams had run in the NFL before this season. The unstoppable RGIII was stymied by Wolfman Rob.

The Cowboys, despite doling out turnovers, took a 7-0 lead when Tony Romo wiggled in the backfield long enough to buy time to hit Jason Witten for a touchdown. At long last, the multifaceted ‘Skins offense emerged and they drove on Dallas to tie the game with a long Alred Morris touchdown run.

Dallas moved the ball again by shockingly exploiting the matchup of DeAngelo Hall on Dez Bryant. Impressive drive notwithstanding, Dallas couldn’t get close enough that they felt comfortable trying a long field goal and so they punted it into the end zone. With just about half a minute to go, the ‘Skins were content to run it into the half.

So far, Romo has derped it more than a little but the Redskins failed to pull away, which isn’t the best sign for the phenom that is RGIII, who will have to do better than bounce passes to host a playoff game next weekend.

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