Dame Dash Gets Back To His World Famous Sh*t Talking On New Song, “Flip”

05.01.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

dame dash

The Dame Dash we all know and love is back. The entertaining mogul dropped off a new song today entitled, “Flip” and you bet your ass it’s nothing but quotables.

First, Dame tells us what it means to “flip.”

“Let’s say I buy a house and it costs $2 million. I’m not gonna wanna stay in that house. I’m gonna wanna live in a $5 million house. And after that, then I’m gonna want a car. A real nice one. And then after I’m like, ‘F*ck cars. I want a jet.'”

Then he shares advice.

“I don’t stack, I flip. And I only flip as I’m inspired. And this is what I suggest: Find a good woman, a woman with taste, a woman with style. You don’t really wanna hang around n*ggas too much. The egos make them jealous, but a woman, if you treat her right, she’ll be loyal, and she’ll teach you, and she’ll fight for you. I’m in the “F*ck N*ggas” crew. Pause. N*ggas is the new bitches, and I mean that in the most sincere way. You know who you are.”

The song ends with more sh*t talking and shots at unnamed friends.

“Friendships. I do for you, you don’t do sh*t for me. That sh*t bugs me out. Make my dreams come true some time. I’m always helping other people make they dreams come true, but when you ask to make yours, they outta there. So I flip. I ain’t asking nobody for sh*t. F*ck that.”

Welcome back, Dame.

h/t: Complex

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