DJ Khaled Cuts WWE-Style Promo Letting The World Know Jay Z Is On His First Single

04.28.14 3 years ago 9 Comments


There aren’t many things better in Hip-Hop than DJ Khaled in full-fledged promo mode. Case in point this classic clip from 2012.

Part of it stems from the fact he vehemently believes every syllable speaks and it’s so fun to watch him work himself up as the self-proclaimed voice box of the streets. The other part of it circulates around the fact while his albums annually leave much to be desired, he’s got plaques and a proven track record of hand delivering a summer anthem every year since 2006.

Obviously feeling some type of way about Rob Markman’s question about what’s left for him to accomplish, Khaled came out boxing like his last name was Mayweather. Keeping it 100 for a second, ideally Khaled would be much better served to drop five song EP’s with one monster lead single every summer just for quality and entertainment purposes.

But seeing as how there’s a better chance of Donald Sterling attending Clippers/Warriors Game 5, prepare yourself for a new album this summer. And expect Jay Z to be on the untitled album’s first single, “They Don’t Love You No More,” which will also feature Meek Mill, Rick Ross and French Montana. Honestly though, Jay’s going to have to spit in the manner he did for Rick Ross’ “Devil Is A Lie” if the song hopes to top this WWE promo.

Somewhere, Vince McMahon just hit the Birdman handrub.

Update: The song is now out. Go here to listen and decide if the animated promo was worth it.

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