And Now, Here’s DMX Preaching At An Airport

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04.10.15 12 Comments

Fresh off of an alleged robbery, here we have a much softer spoken DMX talking about Jesus at an airport. Honestly, I’m a bigger fan of his tough talking, more evil than the devil stuff, but if he’s making a positive change in his life maybe it’s worth a listen. OR, it could just be “ranty preacher guy at the bus stop got airplane money” gibberish.

When I get in the pulpit, it ain’t gonna be no bullsh*t. And I say that because a word means what we want it to mean. If I say… paper, garbage can, what does it mean? Nothing! If I say “That joint is mad hot,” does that mean my weed has temperature to it?

I was still listening until he got to the “f*ck you up in the name of Jesus” portion. We already got a guy for that.

(via Hip-Hop Wired)

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