Izza Kizza x Nick Catchdubs – 10:15 Mixtape

01.05.11 7 years ago

If someone was to plant the seed in your head that the relatively unknown Izza Kizza was a permanent fixture in Timbaland’s music camp, it would make perfect sense the moment you’re exposed to his unorthodox delivery. From the clunky flow to the punchy wordplay — hell even voice makes him sound like the ventriloquist behind everything related to Timbo’s vocals. But stars can’t be born on the sideline so he’s setting his record predominately straight with 10:15, mixed by Nick Catchdubs.

Anthony Hamilton, Nottz, Souldiggaz and of course, Timbo The King all chip in where needed so set your clocks to Izza’s time zone if you’re trying to see how he’s living in 2011.

DownloadIzza Kizza x Nick Catchdubs – 10:15 Mixtape

Cred: Fool’s Gold

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