Wafeek – “Monster”

10.18.10 7 years ago 34 Comments

Wafeek’s music has never been short of wit and imagery, making it better visualized and seen than heard. Many of his tracks play like sonic dream sequences than songs, allowing listeners a theater seat to view Feekee’s warped mind in 3D. On “Monster,” the longstanding Force member drops sensational, memorable punchlines dedicated to one of the sources of his twisted approach to musicianship. Of course, the track’s muse is a she and she’s been the inspiration for many an emcee, but Feek’s ability to intricately meld words around the catchy beat make the show all the more enthralling.

Releasing on Oct. 28th, Wafeek’s Monster: The Mixtape will be presented in conjunction by TSS, 2DopeBoyz & IMKing hosted by Trackstar The DJ.


Download — Wafeek – “Monster”

As an added promo and to give a feel of the transcendental value of Feek’s music, peep the useage of “Just Go” in CSI:NY. Again, better seen than heard, folks.

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