Future Addresses “Beyonce Stole ‘Drunk In Love'” Rumors

03.24.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

Future on Wendy Williams show

Future left many fans scratching their heads when he performed at SXSW nearly three weeks ago. During one of his sets, the rapping singer performed “Good Morning,” a track that sounded eerily similar to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” megahit.

Today on The Wendy Williams Show, Future addressed the controversy surrounding the Detail-produced record and explained why “Good Morning” won’t be making it on Honest.

“I demoed the song with the producer [Detail]. I demoed it first for her [Beyonce] to listen to it. I guess she had done the record and was saving the record. I had done another version, “Good Morning” because we didn’t know when she was going to put the album out or whatever. She put it out in December after I was suppose to put my album out in November. It just push my song to the side.

“It’s not on the album because towards the first beginning of the song is the same melody. A little bit of confusion.”

Watch the interview and his performance of “Honest” and “Move That Dope” below.

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