Coach George Karl’s Favorite Rapper Of All Time Isn’t Who You Think It Is

04.02.14 3 years ago 26 Comments

Bansky and Samir sent these two bits of media last night but I was turning down and didn’t feel like verifying their authenticity. I spent half of yesterday triple-checking everything we published since April Fool’s Day pranks are more slick in the era of social media.

But, it looks like this is real. This being George Karl naming Gucci Mane – who the former coach considers to be “underrated, overlooked” – as his number one rapper. He audaciously lists Tupac and Biggie in a tie for the second slot. Even though I bet Kemp and Payton put him on to rap decades ago, I still have to question this because who puts Gucci as number one? Plus, there’s no sense of conviction in his voice, not like what exists between Jay Bilas and Jeezy like when the former drops timely Snowman lyrics across his Twitter timeline.

LMAOOOOOOO @ “that b*tch turned on”

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