“So What!” x “Heavy In The Streets”

11.23.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Apologies to other areas, but Atlanta wears the crown right now. Mike Bigga told the truth when he said there was two sides to the Southern metropolis. But I’m beginning to think he shortchanging his city because there’s probably more than that as the area continues to bring forth a buffet of styles and sounds.

I’ve been listening and keeping a close eye on Alley’s rise, thanks to Whiteboy D giving me the heads up a while back. On “Heavy…,” he sports an agile flow which matches the full-sounding track. Playboy Pill lays a heavyweight verse on the anchor and even Gucci’s cohort Yung Ralph has a decent showing here.


Download — Alley Boy Feat. Yung Ralph, Pill & Big Bank Black – “Heavy In The Streets”

As an extra, here’s another favorite Alley Boy feature on a Pill presentation, “We Outside.”


Download — Pill Feat. Alley Boy – “We Outside”

Then, turn the page to listen to the next track by Hollyweerd & A.leon Craft. “So What” is a leak off SMKA’s The 808 Experiment: Vol 2 and beat is founded in the sound favored throughout the South but known to fuel many a party and trunk in the A. What might be the change of pace is the lyrical content, which is purely eccentric by nature.


Download — Hollyweerd Feat. A.leon Craft – “So What!” (Prod. by SMKA)

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