07.29.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

44. PUNTE and Brandon discuss the TO signing as Ryan reads the news. Sarah Sprague jumps in to give us the lowdown on “foodie-ism.” She also has some thoughts on that Pearlman column from yesterday. Josh Bacott discusses his creation, Joe Sports Fan, and how his team have gone both bigger and more local at once. And Shakey returns from the beach, and starts what has to be the first-ever harmonica battle in the history of podcasting.

Hosted by Josh Zerkle and Brandon Moskal. Recorded June 28, 2010. Runs 68 minutes. Listen here or on the embeddable player, download the ep here (right-click, “Save As…”) and subscribe to HOUSE OF PUNTE: The KSK Podcast on iTunes.

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