Jon Kitna: Nicest Math Teacher Ever

12.26.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


Jon Kitna’s abrupt return to the NFL, necessitated by Tony Romo’s presumed season-ending back injury, makes him, for a week at least, the oldest active player in the league. He’ll also be the highest paid public school math teacher, since Kitna will earn about $53,000 for his week of service to the Cowboys.

Kitna must not be too hard up for the extra money, though, because he’s planning on donating his game check to the Tacoma high school where he teaches and coaches football.

Only Kitna, 41, is not keeping the money. It didn’t come up in his Christmas Day media scrum in the locker room. But later, while relaxing on a locker room couch and reconnecting with radio play-by-play voice Brad Sham, Kitna said he would be donating his NFL check to his school. He also told several teammates.

Awwwww, Jon Kitna! How nice. Make sure the school invests some of that in new blocking sleds and double guitars.

It’s also pretty great how the Cowboys decided to bring Kitna back.

Kitna, a father of four, said he heard about Tony Romo’s back problem and texted Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on Tuesday morning, announcing his availability. A 30-minute phone conversation followed.

“I told Jason if he wants me or somebody to come in and call a play and be able to pull a play off if a bad situation happened, I would be willing to do that,” Kitna said.

Garrett, who worked out three other former NFL quarterbacks on Tuesday, opted, sight unseen, for Kitna, who knows how the Cowboys do things.

“Look, Kitna wants to come back. He is familiar with how the team screws the pooch at the end of the year. I don’t wanna have to teach someone else how to do it. Tell him he’s got the job.”

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